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Growth Works with Skills is committed to providing high-quality internships, each funded up to 50% through UK Shared Prosperity fund (UKSPF), for employers seeking to expand their teams with talented interns. These internships require a commitment of between 16 and 30 hours per week over a duration of 13 weeks, with compensation at least meeting the national living wage to those of 21 years or above, or if under 21, national minimum wage applies. 

Our aim is to offer valuable opportunities to individuals who are currently outside the workforce or formal training, helping them overcome barriers and build brighter futures.

Industry research shows that having interns as part of your recruitment pipeline is a brilliant way to find new hidden talent. 72% of interns go on to secure employment offers where they do their internships; this is a massive advantage with all employers now being in a race to hire and retain the high-quality people they need and build pipelines for future employees. 

Interns bring new energy, fresh ideas, and original perspectives to the employing organisation, which can lead to increased productivity and innovation.

Equal access to opportunities

Our internship placements prioritise key sectors driving regional growth, including health and social care, construction, education/professional services, Agri-tech, manufacturing, logistics, IT/digital, and life sciences.

We understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in today's workforce, and our internships are open to all who meet the eligibility criteria, providing equal access to opportunities.

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Task based recruitment  

In line with our commitment to innovation, we offer alternative recruitment methods that go beyond traditional CVs and interviews.

Our assessment task-based recruitment approach focuses on evaluating essential skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication, and problem-solving. By embracing diverse talent and modern recruitment practices, we ensure both employers and interns find the perfect fit for their needs.

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