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A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) can help identify gaps in skills and knowledge, which may be preventing growth or impacting productivity. The information provided will help to shape and form the conversations we have with you regarding your organisational needs, and the support that can be offered to achieve your current and future goals.

The benefits of offering Apprenticeships  

  • Introduce fresh talent and ideas to your organisation by recruiting new and upskilling current staff.  
  • Align training to your organisations needs.  
  • Boost staff loyalty and motivation.  

Studies show that because of apprenticeships, 80% of employers report higher staff retention. 86% said apprenticeships helped them develop skills relevant to their organisation. 92% of employers see a boost in workforce motivation and satisfaction.   

UK employers see an average annual gain of £2,500 to £18,000 in output per apprentice during their training period.  

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Why hire an intern?

There are numerous benefits for the organisations that offer internships. Industry research shows that having interns as part of your recruitment pipeline is a brilliant way to find new hidden talent. 72% of interns go on to secure employment offers where they do their internships; this is a massive advantage with all employers now being in a race to hire and retain the high-quality people they need and build pipelines for future employees. 

Interns bring new energy, fresh ideas, and original perspectives to the employing organisation, which can lead to increased productivity and innovation. Discover first-hand how internships can make a tangible impact on your business growth and help shape the future of your business.
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“At Quattro-Tech, we're committed to nurturing our team's potential and fostering continuous growth. By investing in both the upskilling of our existing workforce and the integration of fresh talent through apprenticeships, we've witnessed an impressive boost in productivity. Today, 25% of our workforce is engaged in apprenticeship programs. More than just skill development, apprenticeships have become a cornerstone in enhancing our employees' confidence, fostering a sense of value, and empowering them to thrive in their roles.”  

Donna Knight

Operations Executive at Quattro-Tech

We’ve always supported apprentices within YMCA Trinity Group and the levy means we can offer this development opportunity to more members of staff.  

We use apprenticeships for entry level roles and to develop managers further on in their career. Offering staff training and development alongside our Charitable work is great, as we’re helping staff to reach their potential at the same time as we make an impact with the communities we work with.

Growth Works with Skills have helped us secure levy transfer funding when we have used all of our own levy account

Lucy Watling

Quality and Development Manager YMCA Trinity Group

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