Supporting businesses with recruitment


The Growth Works with Skills platform can support your resourcing and talent management requirements including redeployment, recruitment and skills development activities across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Recruiting for roles can be time consuming and sometimes challenging if the right person isn’t placed. Job adverts that you place in the region will be searchable on this platform for prospective employees to see.  You can also find suitable structured training opportunities for both new and existing staff.

Here are some thoughts for when you’re trying to find people to join your business:

  • When listing your vacancies, make sure you place the adverts in multiple locations, on different types of vacancy listing service. Job boards can be low cost, but are not always effective.  Think about the person or people you are trying to attract.  Where are they spending their time? What do they read.
  • Make sure you include the basics in your advert, including salary (even if it’s a salary range), work location, hours, benefits and why your organisation is a great place to work!
  • Be prepared to offer training to the ‘right’ candidate that lacks certain skills or knowledge – not everyone will come knowing everything, but do not discount people who have a knowledge or skills gap but are willing to learn.
  • Think about progression for each role – you can be sure that the candidate is – so offer potential to attract and retain (otherwise they will likely search for that opportunity elsewhere in a few years).

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