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Personal Guidance

Why is this important

All students can benefit from individualised careers guidance with a qualified careers adviser. This can help them to confirm and clarify their ideas and goals and ensure that they have considered fully the implications of these ideas.

For those students with little or no ideas about the future a Careers Adviser can support them in moving toward clearer plans.

As a school the deployment of a qualified careers adviser provides assurance to parents and others that you are delivering impartial and independent careers guidance.

How to achieve 100%

The person delivering careers guidance should be qualified to Level 6 at the minimum. They can be obtained through a variety of routes: -

  • Commission an organisation to provide the qualified careers adviser
  • Contract with a qualified careers adviser on an individual basis
  • Employ a qualified careers adviser
  • Train a member of staff as a qualified careers adviser using several routes including the new Apprenticeship Standard

Important points to consider

Although members of the school staff may provide quality and impartial guidance unless they have completed an appropriate Careers Guidance qualification, their interventions will not contribute to this benchmark.

As the commissioner/provider of careers guidance the school retains responsibility for the quality and independence of the guidance offered. You will need to implement systems to quality assure the guidance.

If contracting with an individual, or recruiting a qualified Careers Adviser, require membership of the CDI to ensure compliance with ethics of impartiality and independence.

The range of qualifications that you may be presented with by careers practitioners are extensive. You can establish what qualifications are acceptable from pages 14/15 in the CDI Commissioning Guide CDI Commissioning Guide

Best practice

Information from careers leaders who have completed careers qualification
Extract from Careers Matters

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