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Encounters with further and higher education

Why is this important

For young people to be able to make informed decisions about their future, they need to be aware of all the options open to them and to engage with representatives of these options to better understand them.

How a school approaches this Benchmark is critical to satisfying it’s statutory duties which require that:-

  • careers education is “presented in an impartial manner, showing no bias or favouritism towards a particular institution, education or work option”
  • schools and academies must “ensure that there is an opportunity for a range of education and training providers to access all pupils”

How to achieve 100%

Ensure that students are provided with information about all the options through the careers education programme.

To avoid disruption to the school, ensure that the careers delivery plan includes an opportunity for representatives of each option to present to students with Q & A and individual consultations.

Identify those students who are interested in Higher Education, or should be able to consider this as an option, to ensure that they undertake visits to HE institutions if whole year group visits are not undertaken.

Encourage students to record on the school careers activities register, any engagement with providers that they have organised themselves.

Important points to consider

Schools have reported that students who choose to progress into their sixth form, having been informed of all the options, are more committed students and that there is a reduction in the number of dropouts.

It is useful to introduce the range of options early in the careers programme, even in Year 7, especially information about Apprenticeships.
The encounter can take place in school or through a visit to an education provider.

Parents/carers can be major influences in how students make choices about their options, so it is essential that they are informed about the full range of the options.

Best practice

King Edward VI School, Morpeth

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