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Encounters with employers and employees

Why is this important

Research has found that young people who experience multiple contacts with employers are 86% less likely to be unemployed or not in education or training and can earn up to 22% more during their career.

Young people’s aspirations are limited by what they know and their network. This Benchmark widens their knowledge and networks, helping to expand their horizons.

Employer engagement within the curriculum can enhance engagement and achievement in the curriculum.

How to achieve 100%

You will need to develop your employer network using an employer engagement policy/strategy. Your Enterprise Adviser can help with this.
Use a variety of services to engage with employers (see below).

  • Your school already has links with employers; use these. These may be through parents, governors, suppliers of services to schools, alumni, and your staff.
  • Draw on the support of your Enterprise Adviser to source employer engagement.
  • Offer to support your colleagues to access employer engagement for their curriculum areas.
  • Ensure that your careers delivery plan includes opportunities for employer participation.
  • Develop a system to capture employer engagement across the whole school and curriculum.

Important points to consider

Ensure that every student, in all year groups, has at least one encounter each year.

When planning for delivery, ensure that all students have their encounter before providing additional encounters for other students.

Employers are looking for opportunities to engage; ensure that your website asks for their support.

Once you have secured employer engagement, to retain the support of that employer, you will need to respond to their needs and communicate effectively with them. Your Enterprise Adviser can help with this.

Evaluation of employer engagement by students and employers is essential.

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