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Linking curriculum learning to careers

Why is this important

With the pressures schools are under in delivering the wide curriculum, time for the delivery of careers related learning has come under pressure, with the time available for careers now limited. To deliver careers effectively, it needs to be a whole school activity.

Relating curriculum learning to careers will also enable subjects to become relevant to the world of work and help enthuse students. For those students who may struggle to understand the relevance of subjects, this may be an effective way of enhancing their engagement with their learning.

How to achieve 100%

The support of the senior leadership team is vital to achieve this Benchmark. Before approaching individual curriculum areas, obtain this support and clarify expectations of SLT in relation to curriculum leads. If possible, ask the SLT lead on Careers to contact all curriculum leads.

Curriculum leads and teachers will struggle to find time to identify resources to delivery career learning. As a Careers Leader if you can provide resources this may help.

On an annual basis, ask all curriculum leads to complete a survey to report on how they deliver careers in their curriculum.

Important points to consider

Gatsby only requires this to be delivered through English, Maths, Science and PSHE. Best practice suggests however that this should be rolled out across the whole curriculum which will provide benefits to all curriculum areas and students.

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