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Learning from career and labour market information (LMI)

Why is this important

For students and those who advise them, it is critical that they access to information about the labour market at a local, regional, national, and international level. This must include information about the learning options that they will need to make decisions about now and in the future. Without this information, young people cannot make informed decisions about their future and they will tend to be limited to existing knowledge.

How to achieve 100%

Ensure that the careers programme includes sessions, before the end of Year 9, to introduce students to labour market information providing them with an opportunity of using the information to inform their own choices. This should also include information about the full range of options open to students at the various transition points.

Use all available communication channels with parents and carers to emphasise to them the important role they play in supporting their children with their decision making and provide them with links to information that can help them with this responsibility.

Important points to consider

You need to ensure that students are informed about all the options including those provided by other providers of learning.

To provide students with access to information about careers and the labour market, there are a range of ‘paid for’ careers platforms and free to access websites, your website and intranet should include references and links to these.

When communicating with parents, a range of approaches is better than just one. For instance, being available at a parent’s event may not capture all parents. Ensure that Careers is a regular feature in newsletters to parents and is highlighted at key times in the year.

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