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A Stable Careers Programme

Why is this important

A stable careers programme is the foundation for the delivery of excellent careers education across the school. Get this right and careers education moves from being a series of disjointed activities, to a planned developmental programme, designed to turn your students into work ready young people, able to make well informed and realistic careers decision.

How to achieve 100%

Your Enterprise Coordinator and Enterprise Adviser are keen to support you with this. They can signpost you to resources and best practice, as well as working with you on the development and implementation of your programme.

The key to this Benchmark is to approach it in the same way you would other curriculum areas, such as Maths and English; develop a progressive curriculum with clear learning outcomes, evaluation processes and include a plan, do, review, cycle.

Important points to consider

Do you have a governor appointed for careers?
Does careers feature on the SMT and Governors’ agenda at least once a term?
Do you have a Careers Policy and a Careers Delivery Plan?
Does your website have a Careers Section that is easy to find?
Does the website show different stakeholders how the Careers Programme meets their needs?
How do you capture feedback from stakeholders?
How do you use feedback to inform evaluation and planning?

This information is provided in partnership with the Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC). For more information about CEC Careers Hubs please visit the Careers Hub Provider Access Policy.