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Waiters and waitresses

£13,000 Average salary at age 20
£17,680 Average Salary
38 Average hours per week


Waiters and waitresses serve food and beverages in hotels, clubs, restaurants and other establishments.

Main Tasks

  • Sets tables with clean linen, cutlery, crockery and glassware;
  • Presents menus and wine lists to patrons and may describe dishes and advise on selection of food or wines;
  • Takes down orders for food and/or drinks and passes order to kitchen and/or bar;
  • Serves food and drinks;
  • Presents bill and accepts payment at end of the meal.


There are no formal academic entry requirements, though some employers may require GCSEs/S grades. Training is typically provided on-the-job. NVQs/SVQs in relevant areas are available at Levels 1 and 2.

What Waiters and waitresses studied in higher education

A text alternative for this canvas pie chart is provided in the data table below
What Waiters and waitresses studied in higher education
Occupation Percentage Value
(C9) Others in biological sciences1
(L7) Human & social geography1
(G1) Mathematics2
(W2) Design studies7
(L3) Sociology3
(C1) Biology2
(H3) Mechanical engineering1
(F1) Chemistry1
(C8) Psychology5
(W1) Fine art3
(V3) History by topic1
(F7) Science of aquatic & terrestrial environments1
(W3) Music3
(F6) Geology1
(F8) Physical geographical sciences2
(W8) Imaginative writing1
(W6) Cinematics & photography4
(C7) Molecular biology, biophysics & biochemistry1
(Q3) English studies6
(L2) Politics2
(K1) Architecture1
(R4) Spanish studies1
(R1) French studies1
(N5) Marketing1
(W4) Drama4
(M1) Law by area2
(M2) Law by topic2
(N8) Hospitality, leisure, sport, tourism & transport4
(B9) Others in subjects allied to medicine1
(B1) Anatomy, physiology & pathology1
(P5) Journalism1
(F4) Forensic & archaeological sciences1
(V5) Philosophy1
(F3) Physics1
(L1) Economics1
(T7) American studies1
(N1) Business studies3
(X3) Academic studies in education2
(L5) Social work1
(V6) Theology & religious studies1
(X1) Training teachers1
(N4) Accounting1
(C6) Sport & exercise science3
(C3) Zoology1
(P3) Media studies3
(N2) Management studies1
(V1) History by period4
(Q8) Classical studies1
(H6) Electronic & electrical engineering1
(L6) Anthropology1
(I1) Computer science1
(W5) Dance1

UK Prospects

216500 Workforce Size
0.30% Predicted growth 2023 - 2027
44845 Predicted Replacement 2023 - 2027

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