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Social care

Careers matching tag 'Social care'.

  • Care escorts

    Care escorts accompany and transport adults and children with disability between their places of residence and other destinations and act as chaperones for under 16s engaged in theatrical, television and…
    Healthcare Social care
  • Care workers and home carers

    Care workers and home carers attend to the personal needs and comforts of the elderly and the infirm with care and support needs (‘service users’) within residential care establishments, day…
    Healthcare Home services Social care
  • Careers advisers and vocational guidance specialists

    Job holders in this unit group give advice on careers or occupations, training courses and related matters, direct school leavers and other job seekers into employment and assess their progress.
    Government services Social care Teaching and education
  • Child and early years officers

    Child and early years officers work with babies and with children up to 14 years of age (or 16 for those with special needs), providing support, help and advice to…
    Social care Teaching and education
  • Childminders and related occupations

    Childminders and related occupations provide day-to-day care of children within a domestic setting, and supervise and participate in their play, educational and other activities.
    Social care
  • Clergy

    Members of the clergy provide spiritual motivation and guidance, conduct worship according to the form of service of a particular faith/denomination and perform related functions associated with religious beliefs and…
    Social care
  • Counsellors

    Jobholders in this unit group provide counselling services to clients with a wide variety of problems by means of assisting them to reach their own resolutions to the difficulties they…
    Healthcare Social care
  • Educational support assistants

    Educational support assistants work with teachers to provide one-to-one support for children with particular learning needs.
    Social care Teaching and education
  • Houseparents and residential wardens

    Houseparents and residential wardens are responsible for the care and supervision of children, young offenders and the elderly within residential homes and nurseries, schools or institutions for young offenders.
    Healthcare Home services Social care
  • Housing officers

    Housing officers assess and address housing needs of particular localities and individuals and oversee the day-to-day management of rented properties belonging to local authorities or housing associations.
    Managerial Social care
  • Nursery nurses and assistants

    Nursery nurses and assistants care for children from birth up to seven years of age in day or residential nurseries, children’s homes, maternity units and similar establishments.
    Social care
  • Nursing auxiliaries and assistants

    Nursing auxiliaries and assistants assist doctors, nurses and other health professionals in caring for the sick and injured within hospitals, homes, clinics and the wider community.
    Healthcare Social care
  • Playworkers

    Playworkers deliver and facilitate play opportunities for children in a range of formal and informal settings including play groups, play schemes, free play locations, and in pre- and after-school activities.
    Social care
  • Probation officers

    Probation officers work to rehabilitate offenders. They supervise, counsel and help them before trial, during any prison or community sentence and on release from prison.
    Government services Law and legal Social care
  • Senior care workers

    Senior care workers routinely oversee and monitor care workers, care assistants and home carers. They also attend to the personal needs and comforts of the elderly and the infirm with…
    Healthcare Social care
  • Social workers

    Social workers provide information, advice and support to those who are socially excluded or are experiencing crisis; they protect the welfare of vulnerable groups including children, young people, people with…
    Social care
  • Teaching assistants

    Teaching assistants assist teachers with their day-to-day classroom work and with routine administrative tasks.
    Social care Teaching and education
  • Undertakers, mortuary and crematorium assistants

    Undertakers, mortuary and crematorium assistants make funeral arrangements for clients, prepare the deceased for burial or cremation, and supervise and assist the proceedings of funerals.
    Healthcare Social care
  • Welfare and housing associate professionals n.e.c.

    Workers in this unit group provide pastoral care relating to religious denominations, and a variety of welfare-related services including advice on benefits, health, disability and residential care not elsewhere classified…
    Social care
  • Welfare professionals n.e.c.

    Workers in this unit group perform a variety of welfare-related professional occupations not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 244: Welfare Professionals.
    Social care
  • Youth and community workers

    Youth and community workers provide support to individuals or groups of individuals through a range of activities or services that aim to encourage participation in social and community life and…

    Social care Teaching and education