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Building and civil engineering technicians

£17,680 Average salary at age 20
£36,400 Average Salary
36 Average hours per week


Building and civil engineering technicians perform a variety of technical support functions to assist civil and building engineers.

Main Tasks

  • Sets up apparatus and equipment and undertakes field and laboratory tests of soil and work materials;
  • Performs calculations and collects, records and interprets data;
  • Sets out construction site, supervises excavations and marks out position of building work to be undertaken;
  • Inspects construction materials and supervises work of contractors to ensure compliance with specifications and arranges remedial work as necessary.


Entrants usually possess a relevant BTEC/SQA award or an Advanced GNVQ/GSVQ Level III. The status of engineering technician is obtained after a period of further training at work and upon gaining the membership of a professional engineering institution.

What Building and civil engineering technicians studied in higher education

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What Building and civil engineering technicians studied in higher education
Occupation Percentage Value
(L4) Social policy1
(L7) Human & social geography1
(W2) Design studies3
(C1) Biology1
(H3) Mechanical engineering8
(C8) Psychology1
(Y0) Combined1
(F7) Science of aquatic & terrestrial environments4
(D3) Animal science1
(F6) Geology1
(F8) Physical geographical sciences4
(K2) Building20
(K1) Architecture8
(H1) General engineering6
(H2) Civil engineering18
(R4) Spanish studies1
(N5) Marketing1
(M1) Law by area2
(M2) Law by topic1
(B8) Medical technology1
(B9) Others in subjects allied to medicine1
(J1) Minerals technology3
(L1) Economics3
(K4) Planning (urban, rural & regional)1
(C6) Sport & exercise science3
(N2) Management studies3
(V1) History by period1
(H6) Electronic & electrical engineering3

UK Prospects

11800 Workforce Size
0.73% Predicted growth 2023 - 2027
2596 Predicted Replacement 2023 - 2027

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