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Cambridgeshire & Peterborough have around 4,500 apprenticeships annually and we are keen to increase these numbers by inspiring employers to engage in apprenticeship training, provide more opportunities for apprenticeships and to use apprenticeships to upskill existing workers.

Between August 2019 and July 2020 over 700,000 people in England were learning new skills and knowledge through an apprenticeship

Even though apprenticeships are the flagship government funded skills and training programme in England, there are still many myths surrounding what an apprenticeship is and how they help individuals and organisations to grow and develop together:

  • Apprenticeships are available for first roles for people just starting on their career or for people who are changing occupations, but they are also available for very senior and experienced professional roles for those who are experienced but now need to specialise or who are joining a profession requiring a degree.  
  • Over 40% of apprentices currently are over 25 years old, and individuals can, and do start an apprenticeship at any age.
  • Apprenticeships exist for every sector, covering over 600 occupations from entry to senior levels with more in development and being approved every month

Apprenticeships are a job with a structured training programme providing the knowledge, skills, experience and behaviours to develop full competence in an occupation. Apprenticeships are also a partnership between an employer, their staff member apprentice and the training provider delivering the skills required by the apprenticeship.


The benefits of hiring an apprenticeship

86% of employers said apprenticeships helped them develop skills relevant to their organisation
78% of employers said apprenticeships helped them improve productivity
74% of employers said apprenticeships helped them improve the quality of their product or service

Facts & Figures

Employers pay the wages for their staff member as usual and training providers draw down funding for the costs of training and the end point assessment that checks competency from a combination of employer and government funding.

Funding for apprenticeships depends on the size of the employer, and their payroll value but government funds 95 – 100% of the cost of apprenticeship training and assessment for the majority of small employers in addition to the incentives available as part of the apprenticeship programme – most recently, in the March 2021 Budget, the Government announced that it will pay employers in England £3,000 for every new apprentice they hire between 1 April 2021 and 30 September 2021.

For large employers with over £3,000,000 annual paybill, you will already be paying the Apprenticeship Levy which your chosen provider can draw down to pay for your apprenticeship. For Levy paying employers with excess levy, you can join our levy transfer programme, using your unspent levy to support a local small employer or an employer in your supply chain to train an apprentice.

Whatever the route for funding, apprenticeships are a proven route to recruiting, retaining and where needed, retraining to secure the skills needed for the future and to build careers and progression for individuals.


Links to the main government resources are set out below but for a simple overview about the apprenticeship programme join one of our webinars.

Robert Welch - Apprenticeship employer

"As‌ ‌a non-levy payer, a small business, the whole apprenticeship service has been really straightforward for us.”

Gail Saxon 

HR Manager Robert Welch Design

Channel 4 - Apprenticeship Employer

"Apprentices have had an amazing impact across our business and bring a fresh perspective to everything we do here at Channel 4. They really challenge the status quo, and we empower them to do just that.”

Laura Boswell 

Industry Talent Specialist Channel 4

Learn more about:

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Apprenticeship Levy Pooling Scheme

Growth Works with Skills in collaboration with the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority (CPCA) are working with levy paying employers who are willing to share up to 25% of their unused funds with non-levy payers. They will then match those seeking to access funding with those willing to share.

There are a series of events planned across the Opportunity Area that will provide advice and support for any businesses seeking to take on an apprentice that will take place in 2021. For more information and to keep up to date on events please visit our platform.

Support will be given to any employers seeking to take on an apprentice in the form of information, advice, guidance, support in setting up an Apprentice Digital Account and in facilitating the transfer of funding.

More information and contact

If you would like more information or would like to talk to someone in more detail about how this works, please email [email protected]

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