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Reskill, Retrain and Refresh Your Career

Whether you are just coming back to work after a period out, not been at work due to Furlough, or you are simply taking stock and considering your next job move, there are a range of tools, training programmes and support that you can access to help you decide what to do next. 

All experience of working, however short, offers the opportunity to develop the transferable skills that all employers need like teamwork, organisation, communication, alongside add to the specialist skills you learn about a job or role. 

But being at work or working is not the only place that you gain valuable expertise. The knowledge, skills and experience that you develop from hobbies, recreational activities and home life, build up over time, through work, volunteering, education and life. You can apply these skills to a range of jobs.

What you will need to know is where your skills and interests are and where you might need support to retrain, reskill as part of a current or future role. There is support available through training programmes and wider opportunities that can help: